Analysis of Teachers' Efforts in Fostering Learning Motivation of Grade IV Elementary School Students


  • Nila Roikhatul Jannah Muria Kudus University, Kudus, 59327 Central Java, Indonesia
  • F. Hilyana Shofika Muria Kudus University, Kudus, 59327 Central Java, Indonesia
  • Wawan Shokib Rondli Muria Kudus University, Kudus, 59327 Central Java, Indonesia
  • Shaw Mei Cheong Innovation and Quality Department, National Institute of Educational Management and Leadership, Ministry of Education, Malaysia, Sabah Branch, Sabah, Malaysia



Teachers, learning motivation, elementary school


This study aims to describe students' learning motivation in the learning process and the factors that affect the learning motivation of grade IV students at Public Elementary School No. 01, Kedungwinong. The research was conducted due to a need for more motivation to learn grade IV students at Public Elementary School No. 01, Kedungwinong. This research used qualitative with a type case study. The informants in this study were conducted on 4 students from 21 grade IV students. Data collection techniques in this study used observation, interviews, and documentation. Data validity checking using readability, transferability, dependability, and confirmability. The data analysis used is Miles and Huberman's analysis, which reduces the data, then presents the data and draws conclusions. The results showed that the learning motivation of grade IV students who received high, medium and low-test scores had different criteria. Students with high learning outcome scores meet all learning motivation indicators, students whose learning outcomes scores meet five of the eight learning motivation indicators, and students whose low learning outcomes only meet three of the eight learning motivation indicators. Supporting factors that influence the learning motivation of students grade IV Public Elementary School No. 01, Kedungwinong, are desire and desire to succeed, encouragement of learning needs, learning interest, conducive environment, interesting learning activities, appreciation, and condition of body functions. Inhibiting factors in fostering the motivation to learn of grade IV students are lack of expectations for ideals, weak ability to remember students and lack of reading skills.


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