Development of Finger Painting Learning Media to Improve The Motor Skills of Kindergarten Children


  • Ruminingsih Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muria Kudus, 59327 Central Java, INDONESIA
  • Sri Utaminingsih Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muria Kudus, 59327 Central Java, INDONESIA
  • Endang Murrinie Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muria Kudus, 59327 Central Java, INDONESIA



Development, finger painting, motor skill, kindergarten


This research aims to analyze the effectiveness of the development of finger painting learning media to improve the motor skills of kindergarten children B Rembang. Research methods with Research and Development design include ten steps; Research and Information Collecting, planning, Develop Preliminary Form of Product, Preliminary Field Testing, Main Product Revision, Main Field Testing, Operational Product Revision, Operational Field Testing, Final Product Revision, Dissemination and Implementation. The population is kindergarten students of group B Rembang. Sampling technique with purposive sampling. Data collection techniques by means of tests, questionnaires, observations, and interviews. Furthermore, experts carry out validation tests, statistical inference, and practicality tests. The results of the study obtained a needs analysis through interviews and observations. The need for media development is carried out to improve the motoric child with finger painting. Learning media development design begins with preliminary studies, analysis, formulation of learning media development, media design, prototype and instrument development. Media eligibility with a test for media experts with a score of 92% category is very feasible. Validation of media experts obtained a result of 4.7% with an excellent predicate. Questionnaires to teachers show the number of positive responses as much as 48 out of 50 points, which means the percentage is 96% with the category of especially likes.


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