Pathways and Strategies for Training Special Education Teachers in Higher Normal Universities from the Perspective of Inclusive Education


  • YiMing Luo Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics Development, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, 730000, China



Special Education, Pathways, Resource Library, Strategies


The training of special education teachers in higher normal universities faces challenges such as a lack of interdisciplinary faculty, an imperfect curriculum system, and insufficient international exchange and cooperation. This paper proposes five effective pathways for special education teacher training including the collaborative governance between government, universities, and schools (kindergartens) to improve the professional talent training model, the joint development of curriculum resources and enhancement of the application level of informational resources, the leading by master teachers to build a team of innovative teaching faculty, the shared construction of practice bases to enhance the professional competitiveness of normal university students, the expanding the social service function to deepen the field of international exchange and cooperation. Strategies such as establishing professional clusters in normal universities, optimizing internal management processes, sharing government-university cooperation platforms, and improving team collaboration capabilities will comprehensively enhance the quality of special education teacher training in higher normal universities.


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